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7 Top Art Influencers feat. in Modern Luxury

Lianne Thompson Mueller named us as artists "currently shaking up the art scene."

"SPF 15 held a Candy Ego event that was 100 percent immersive."

hysterical accuracy @ spf15, aug 7 feat. in AQNB

Montages of people embracing happily are described as main characters, Lu and Gladys, sit side-by-side in the “faceless room, each wearing No-Face masks, all white clothing, and one diamond earring”. The characters ask if they are still ‘role-playing’, the chorus responds “We’re not roleplaying. We’re escaping. We’re taking a break from ourselves for a while”.

'Broad City' meets Chandler-inspired noir in 'Candy Ego' feat. in San Diego City Beat

"The camera's moving over these palm trees and you just know that something is wrong, but you don't know what it is, because, well, there's these beautiful palm trees."